Premier Mop and Broom has been providing its customers with exceptional service and quality products.


We offer a complete selection of MicroFiber cloths, microfiber towels, microfiber wet mop pads, dust mop pads, wall mop pads, dust mop frames and handles.

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Corn Brooms

We offer a full line of corn, lobby and whisk brooms for sweeping wet or dry and rough and smooth surfaces. They are designed with wire-wound bristles for added strength.

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Looped-End Mops

Economical mop that will not fray or ravel. With proper laundering, these mops will last 10x longer than cut-end mops


Cotton, Rayon, Synthetic, Blended yarn, Microfiber and Microfiber/Synthetic blends are perfectly suited for different cleaning applications


Woven 1/2″ tape sewn toward the bottom of the mop to secure the yarn and prevent tangling. Bar-tacked to properly secure tailband to mop. Cleans 50% more floor per stroke and mops evenly without leaving gaps for faster mopping and lower labor cost. Standard on all looped-end mops

Premier Mop & Broom Anatomy of a Wet Mop - Head Band, yarn, Tail Band, EndsPremier Mop & Broom Anatomy of a Wet Mop - Head Band, yarn, Tail Band, Ends
Cut-End Mops

Economical, general purpose floor mops. These popular products are non-launderable and do not last as long as looped-end mops


5″ vinyl headband is secured to the mop with 6 rows of lock-stitching. The mesh headband offers greater durability and allows the yarn to dry thoroughly


Antimicrobial additive is locked into the yarn to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi that cause odors and stains and shorten product life

Our Premium Cleaning Products

Premier Mop & Broom is proud to say that we have been manufacturing our products in the USA for over 70 years.

Complete Product Line

Premier Mop & Broom offers a complete line of Looped-End and Cut-End Wet Mops, Wet Mop Handles, Dust Mops, Microfiber, Corn Brooms, Broom and Brush Handles. All of our products can be custom made and private labeled to our customer’s specifications.

Consistent Quality

Premier Mop & Broom buys their raw materials from reputable sources. If a raw material is selected for a specific product, the source will remain the same and not be changed unless there is a reason for a permanent change.

Premium Sales Assistance

Premier Mop & Broom’s Sales Representatives are highly trained not only to assist your purchasing department but also teach distributors’ representatives how to sell our products as well as help with end-user calls.

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